Carole Poirot Photographer North Yorkshire

Originally from Paris, I was raised in Germany and have settled in the UK in 1998. After many years in London, I now live in the North Yorkshire countryside.

I started photography as a teenager with a Praktica film camera and even though I didn't have the confidence to pursue it further back then, I never gave up on the idea of one day making a career of it. Through customers asking for a combination of my skills, I am now able to combine styling and photography.

My style is in essence very French. My parents' house had always been full of treasured items found on travels, handed down heirlooms, white walls and muted colours and despite some early year rebellion against it, I have happily accepted it as my earliest influence and have derived my own look from it. It's a style that doesn't shout for attention or moves with every fashion trend. Instead, it aims to quietly draw the observer in. Just like my home, my styling and photography combine a fairly muted colour palette (with splashes of colour coming mainly from food), vintage and nature finds, textures and a feeling of warmth with just the occasional small touch of pared down glamour.

“The creative Process” by Nosakhari

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